The Importance of Massage Therapy

Recovery is an often overlooked aspect of increasing somebody’s performance in and out of the gym. Tightness can create injury and weakness due to a reduced range of motion and strain upon the joints.


Massage is probably the most popular form of recovery and one of the most effective, too. Soft-tissue treatment is a very valuable tool to have in your belt whatever activity you partake in.


The aim of massage recovery is to improve the health of the body’s tissues by increasing the circulation of blood and nutrients while removing anything that potentially creates damage within the body.


This can increase your flexibility as the massaging actions help elongate the muscle. Reducing tightness of the muscle can help with your posture and reduce your chance of injury.In turn, this helps reduce your chance of experiencing pain. It may be painful in the moment but there is a difference between good, expected pain and bad, unexpected pain.


You will have probably noticed before when you’ve completed a lift with poor form that you’ve experienced pain and this has affected the lift. For instance, if your legs are too wide in the squat and you don’t activate your glutes enough then you can get pain in your hips and knees.


Massage therapy can help with this by eliminating acute pain and aiding in the reduction of chronic pain.


If you’ve ever had some form of sports massage you will notice that the masseur uses a variety of movements and strokes to bring about a different outcome. The long strokes create movement of fluid throughout the circulatory system which helps repair muscles through the increase of blood and oxygen supply. This action also helps remove toxins and introduce fresh nutrients to the muscle.


You probably also know if you’ve had a sports massage that it makes you very tired. This is a natural response as sleep is the time when your body repairs and recovers. Massage therapy can improve your sleep time and quality which are two other contributing factors towards recovery.


A deeper and longer sleep gives your body more time to recover and then boosts your performance. A bad night sleep is awful for anybody, active or otherwise, but can drastically affect the quality of your workouts. 


Introducing a deep tissue massage once a week is a great way to take your performance to the next level.