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What’s stopping you from achieving the health and fitness levels you want?


Lack of time?

Lack of direction?

Ineffective programs or equipment?

Low levels of motivation?

Nagging injuries?

No support?


These are legitimate problems, and they can be tough to push through.


CrossFit LaSalle is a fun, versatile, and safe way to eliminate roadblocks and get the results you’ve been wishing for We work on a variety of intense workouts that focus on functional movements.


We take great pride in making an otherwise tough change seem effortless and engaging. And with a supportive group of fellow members, both new and experienced, close friendships are inevitable.


We introduce newcomers to an effective approach to fitness. We help restore lost flexibility, strength, and cardio due to aging. We take athletes to the next level in whatever their game may be.


Who’s it for? We’ve had all types of people walk through our doors, and with some careful personalization, we’re able to transform just about everyone.


Elite athletes, parents who want to keep up with their kids, employees & executives who want to perform better at work, people with varying disabilities, and middle agers who want to feel young again. It’s incredibly diverse.


Master your body weight, olympic lifts, biking, running, swimming, and so much more.


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